1-On-1 Producer Consultation

$ 50.00
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Sound Oracle 1-on-1 Producer Consultation

This one-on-one mentorship is for aspiring music producers and artists that need help with branding, production techniques, and creating a lucrative music career. During this session, you will receive direct answers to all of your questions and also receive actionable steps that you can take immediately!

Producing music is a collaboration between artist. Yet, there are many external factors dependent on the success of each track or album. Here are a few suggested topics discuss with Anomaly of Sound Oracle. Remember, these are just suggestions, and you can ask questions as you wish.

  • The Business Of Music Production
  • Ways To Improve Your Productivity
  • Brand Building
  • How To Improve Your Music "Sonically" Using What You Already Have
  • Traffic Creation And Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • The Importance Of Networking
  • How To Generate Revenue Using Your Musical Abilities
  • Production Techniques And What DAW or Workstation You Should Choose

Purchase Procedures:

All consultations will be via Skype. And sessions will depend on your choice. After the final purchase, you will receive an email with instructions within a day of purchase. My only rule before we start this session is to make a list of questions and concerns. There are no limitations to your inquiries. Besides, this is a great way to establish a connection when someone does a 1-on-1 consultation.


  • 30 min is $50 and 1hr is $100.

Open Time Slots Availability:

  • Tues and Thurs 1pm until 6pm (EST) for the calendar.

    Pick a day & time slot and complete purchase.

    Receive an email confirmation with details.

    That's it!